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Summer is Here…Officially! | Outdoor Shower Ideas

Summer is officially here!  It’s time to enjoy all things outdoors…including outdoor showers after the beach.  Here are some GREAT ideas for a super soak outside.

From Coastal Living Magazine | Text by Allen B. Bunting | Full Story

Outdoor Showers | Simple Ideas

A running rail salvaged from the bow of a boat finds new use as this shower’s curved curtain rod. The homeowner crafted the showerhead from a large seashell.

Use Smart Construction

Treated wood, rust-resistant fixtures, and an outdoor-fabric curtain withstand harsh coastal conditions.

• Choose materials that will survive the elements. Use pressure-treated, painted, or composite lumber; synthetic decking; mildew-resistant fabrics; and rust-resistant fixtures.

• Stash rolled-up towels in a galvanized bucket to warm them in the sun.


HGTV Smart Home 2013 Giveaway | SUCCESS! Top Pick

What could be a better match – technology and a new home!  This year’s HGTV Home giveaway features a state of the art Smart Home in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  “This home’s High-tech features — from lighting to home security — make living easy and ensure peace of mind. Review the 17 most compelling components, many operable from the home’s smart tablet or one’s own smartphone or personal computer.” Read the full SH13 Owner’s Manual.


HGTV 2013 Smart Home

Why SUCCESS! Real Estate loves this home:

1.  Because they are giving it away for FREE!  Enter for your chance to win.  You can enter up to 2 times a day.

2.  Because it’s SMART and we love technology…this home includes the most up to date technology in new home construction.  Many of the homes features can be implemented in your home today.  What’s Included

TechHgtv1   TechHgtv2

3.  Because of it’s location.  This home is located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida – Paradise Key.  Minutes from beautiful beaches, gorgeous homes…what could be better.  Explore Paradise Key

4.  Because the home itself is designed beautifully.  Tour the home in 90 seconds and see for yourself.  Oh, yeah…it also has a pool.

5.  Because it’s charitable.   The Beaches Museum & History Park has partnered with HGTV to host public tours of HGTV Smart Home 2013.  All net proceeds from tour ticket sales will be donated to the Beaches Area Historical Society, which is dedicated to nurturing civic pride for the distinct history of the Beaches, while providing education, information and entertainment for those who live, work and vacation in our communities.  Times and Ticket Info

For more information about the HGTV 2013 Smart Home Giveaway visit:

Why Follow the Zillow Blog | “How to” info for everyone

If you haven’t already signed up for the Zillow Blog…now is the time to do it.  They post EXTREMELY useful home owner and buyer info on a daily basis.  Spring is right around the corner.  Zillow will help you get your home ready to enjoy this spring and summer season.  Below is a sample of some of the great articles they are posting to help you get your home in shape.

How to Compare Bids for Remodeling


Choosing the right contractor is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in a home improvement project. Even the most gung-ho DIY-er has to call in a home professional sometimes. Although some homeowners may be tempted to go with the cheapest option, choosing a bid shouldn’t just depend on price.  Here’s some tips to help you through the process:

Take your time and plan ahead

With any major room renovation or remodel, you will need take several months for planning. Go to home improvement showrooms and stores, talk to contractorsarchitects and others who have done these improvements. Go to new home communities and see what their high dollar designers have selected as colors and types of cabinets, flooring, or countertops and take lots of pictures of the designs you love. Check out home decor sites and magazines and take notes on anything you like. Ultimately, this will help you form a visual of your remodeled space. When you know exactly what you want, you will be able to have better discussions with contractors and get realistic bids.


What (New) Homes Will Look Like in 2015


Date:October 5, 2011
Author:Erika Riggs

If you had asked someone in the 1960s what the home of 2015 would look like, chances are they imagined something akin to The Jetsons’ home complete with Rosie the Robot and other space-age appliances that dressed and fed the family.

But, rather than space-age technology, the biggest thing that is expected to change in future single-family homes is the size.

Homes will get smaller,” says Stephen Melman, Director of Economic Services at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in Washington D.C. “We asked builders, ‘what do you anticipate the new home size would be by 2015?’ “

According to the results of the study, surveyed home builders expect new single-family homes to check in at an average of 2,150 square feet. Current single family homes measure around 2,400 square feet, which is already a decrease from the peak home size in 2007 of 2,521.