Summer is Here…Officially! | Outdoor Shower Ideas

Summer is officially here!  It’s time to enjoy all things outdoors…including outdoor showers after the beach.  Here are some GREAT ideas for a super soak outside.

From Coastal Living Magazine | Text by Allen B. Bunting | Full Story

Outdoor Showers | Simple Ideas

A running rail salvaged from the bow of a boat finds new use as this shower’s curved curtain rod. The homeowner crafted the showerhead from a large seashell.

Use Smart Construction

Treated wood, rust-resistant fixtures, and an outdoor-fabric curtain withstand harsh coastal conditions.

• Choose materials that will survive the elements. Use pressure-treated, painted, or composite lumber; synthetic decking; mildew-resistant fabrics; and rust-resistant fixtures.

• Stash rolled-up towels in a galvanized bucket to warm them in the sun.


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