Buying or Selling? | The Market Is Hotter Than Ever

The recent real estate market is heating up as we approach summer 2012.  Are you thinking of buying or selling real estate in the near future?  Now may be the best time for BOTH!  Below are some informative articles about the Real Estate market that may give you just the boost you need to buy that new home or put your existing one on the market.

5 signs that it’s a good time to sell

May 01, 2012 | By Dian Hymer | Inman News®

Traditionally, most homes have sold during the spring months. In the current volatile housing market, the time of year is not the most reliable predictor of the best time to sell.

Homes certainly show better in spring than they do on a dark and dreary winter day. Lately, however, weather patterns are hard to predict.

The weather has some effect on home sales. It can slow things down if incessant rain keeps sellers from being able to prepare their homes for sale. However, a bigger influence on the housing market is the overall economic situation and its impact on buyers’ psyche.  READ FULL ARTICLE…

Home Values Show Largest Gain Since 2006; Many Markets to Hit Bottom by Late 2012

Date:April 24, 2012 | Author:Katie Curnutte

According to Zillow’s first quarter Real Estate Market Reports, which came out today, national home values posted their biggest monthly gain in nearly six years, and 19 of the 30 largest metros covered by Zillow have either hit a bottom, or will by the end of 2012.  READ FULL ARTICLE…

Benefits of 15-year mortgage hard to beat

Why those lured by smaller payments on 30-year loan should reconsider
May 01, 2012 | By Jack Guttentag | Inman News®

The case for 15-year fixed-rate mortgages has never been stronger because, in the post-crisis market, the rate advantage over the 30-year has never been larger. The rate advantage is about 0.875 percent, whereas prior to the crisis, it was 0.375 percent to 0.5 percent.  READ FULL ARTICLE…


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