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Either, you’ve exhausted your supply of generous free labor or you’ve accumulated so many things over the years that the task of moving is simply daunting. You are buying your first home, or for some other reason you are considering for the first time to utilize the services of a moving company. I would like to talk about a few key points to help you in choosing a mover.

You will want to check with your REALTOR and your friends to locate three movers based off personal recommendations. Have each mover provide references with the phone numbers and/or email addresses to previous customers. Research your movers on the Better Business Bureau ( and online (YELP, GOOGLE). If you are in Massachusetts, you can check the company background with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

Next, you’re going to want to get your estimates. If you are moving locally, the majority of movers operate off an hourly rate. Ideally, you want your mover to schedule an estimator to visit your home. Since you are

getting estimates from the moving company and not a flat price, an in-home evaluation will naturally be more accurate than anything over the phone or online. Your estimator may walk through your home with you, take an inventory and get a feel for the work at hand. Be sure to mention any special concerns you have.

Once you have received all three estimates you will want to examine each in detail. Contrary to popular belief, you are not looking for the “best price.” As these are estimates, you want to be very clear on what you are actually getting for this “estimated price.”  Here is what you will be looking for:

1.  How many movers does the estimator recommend? Moving crews operate most efficiently in two man teams. A third hand may be utilized as either a box runner, packer on the truck, or may be needed for a hoist.

2. How many trucks does the estimator recommend? Similarly, what is the estimated weight of your load? Most local moves are not priced according to weight, but it is necessary to make sure that the mover is going to send a large enough truck for your needs.

3. How long is the move going to be start to finish? This is a matter of opinion, but it is also where you will see the biggest price differences between movers. The mover quoting 6 hours isn’t necessarily the “best price” compared to the mover quoting 8. Make sure your mover is not fooling you in terms of time, and more importantly, make sure you are not fooling yourself to try and save money.

4. Finally, what are the rates associated with your move? Most local movers operate off an hourly rate filed with the state. This is where you will really see how movers compare in terms of pricing. Be sure to find out if there are additional charges. Commonly, there are charges associated with fuel, pianos, extra flights, long-hauls, and multiple trucks.

If you have any questions about the information provided feel free to contact Matthew directly.  Matthew Overstreet serves the Boston area as sales manager at Casey Movers. He can be reached at or 1-800-482-8828.

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